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OpenCV Version 2.4 Released

Download OpenCV 2.4.0

(1 – May – 2012)

Network Profiler

Download Network Profiler

Network Profiler is designed for users who change their network often. It saves different network configurations in a text file. Just start the program, select your desired profile & the network adapter on which you want to apply that profile. Click on “Apply Profile”.

2 Extra Features Include:

– An option to use Google Public DNS instead of the DNS specified in the configuration file.
– If you have Internet Download Manager installed, then an option will appear, to automatically change its proxy settings as well.
The program should be run as administrator to work correctly. To always run as administrator, go to install directory, right click on application file, go to Compatibility, Select -> “Run The Program As Administrator” and click Ok.

To add a new profile, go to install directory, open “profiles.txt” and write the settings as written in the examples.

Copyright 2011 – Syed Ghazanfar Abbas Rizvi.

Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Management Studio Express

Management Studio

Management Studio x64

You Must Have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Installed On Your System.

Easiest Way:
First Install Complete Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and Then Install SQL Management Studio.

Microsoft Office Visio 2010 Premium

Part 1 (100 MB)

Part 2 (100 MB)

Part 3 (92.6 MB)

Office 2010 Activation Toolkit 2.2.3 (35.6 MB)

(Activation Toolkit Requires Microsoft .NET Framework 4) (48 MB)

DSP Lab: Code Composer Studio 3.1

Download CCStudio 3.1 Platinum

Download All Parts One By One To The Same Location, Then Extract Using Part 1.

Download Configuration Guide

Available DSP Kits in the lab:

1 GHz DSK6416

225 MHz DSK6713

Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Service Pack 1

Download Service Pack 1 (1.48 GB)

View List of Changes in Service Pack 1

Proteus 7.6 + Keil µVision

Download Proteus 7.6

Download Keil µVision

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